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Luxra Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a conglomerate which is into the field of Telecom (on TSP / PMC), Telecom O&M Solutions, Guarding (Security Services), Facilities Management, Total Asset Management, Mall Management, Media, Real-Estates, Venture Capitals.

LE Group,
an ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008 organization, provides world class integrated services in India with modern techniques, management processes and state of art equipments.

LE Group
manages Assets and Facilities with 26 years of hard-core experience. Our operations encompass management of Security Services, Housekeeping Services, Horticulture Services, Corporate Value Added Services, Operational and Maintenance Technical Services, Traffic Control and Parking Management, Access Control Systems, Communication Systems and Security Control Barriers.

Le Group India

LE Group with large interests in facilities & securities in an endeavor to provide and cater to all non-core business needs of any corporate, be it managing the housekeepers, teaming your electro mechanical services, sprucing your front desk management, disaster management and securities (both physical & electronic), deployment and O&M in telecom and logistics services.

LE Group with modern techniques, management processes, and state of art equipments to ensure strict adherence to the global benchmarks in Telecom, Facility and Security Management services.

Vision Statement
To be a trusted and stable Manpower service partner to companies that need cost effective solutions.
Mission Statement
To provide innovative, high quality and best-in-class Manpower services to our customers, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.
Our Strength
  • We provide clients, a single point of contact for all facility - related services.
  • We perform and manage our staff by giving standard guidelines to ensure quality.
  • Employing professional teams, ensuring better quality of services, which are value for money.
  • Strict control of inventory and office equipments is maintained with responsibility for the same delegated in the precise manner.
  • We take feedback from the client regarding the services provided by our team at work place.
  • We provide our clients timely appraisals about various facilities that we provide them with.
  • At LE Group, we ensure that to prevent damage and attrition of an asset, the building is not exposed to unskilled handling. Our specialized equipment operated by a team of experts ensures perfection in Facility Management.
Specialty Practices
  • Total Asset Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Security Access Control
  • Logistics Service
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